The National Union of Antique Dealers

The National Union of Antique Dealers (Le Syndicat National des Antiquaires-SNA) comprises more than 350 high level antique dealers amongst the best in their respective fields
The sign of the National Union of Antique dealers characterizes the authenticity, the quality and the honor of  its members
They guarantee  the origins and quality of items for collectors and general antique buyers both for buying and selling
The specialists of the National Union of Antique Dealers contribute to the protection of the French patrimony by identifying and valuing objects and giving advice on conservation and upkeep
For 40 years the SNA is the organizer of  the prestigious antique fair "Biennale des Antiquaires de Paris" where the most respected dealers in the world present their best items
Since 2003 the Collector's Fair (Le salon du collectioneur) alternates with the Biennale

Les antiquaires de SNA


Tl. : 01 44 51 74 74
17 boulevard Malesherbe
75008 Paris VIII Arrdt

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