National Chamber of experts specialized in arts and collectibles

The CNES offers competent specialised Experts in art and collectables to both the general public and organizers of antique fairs
The CNES comprises 280 members, many of which are approved by the Customs Service and French Courts

The CNES is the only house of Experts:
- present all over France, organized by regions
- to organize exams
- to organize courses in most fields 
- to propose thesis on given subjects

The CNES is the only to regularly organize courses for its members in all fields
These courses offer members the possibility of meeting specialists fields other than their own.  The courses on various collections, cover both theory and practice, each person able to touch the objects under the guidance of a Museum curators in the aim of sharing  knowledge and appraisal

Les antiquaires de CNES


Tl. : 01 45 58 18 00
16, rue de la Grange Batelière
75009 Paris IX Arrdt

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