Galerie Antiquités Rouget De Lisle
Galerie Antiquités Rouget De Lisle

"Mercury Attaching his Wings" by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714-1785) Nancy MOUGIN Edition 1906

This sandstone sculpture is an edition of Mougin brothers, potters in Nancy from the early twentieth century from the work of Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.
"Ready to pounce the rock on which he sits, Mercury, the messenger of the gods, the winged heel attachment, which will enable him, with wings on his helmet, the winged petasus to take off.
The god has a spinning attitude. The game allows members of varying points of view as we toured the composition. His gesture to attach the heel does not require his attention, but it is emphasized by the convergence of arm and a leg.
...Left leg folded back on tiptoe, suggests that the god takes his appeal to pounce.....
....Pigalle brings a vitality that transforms the figure of the god in an allegory of speed." (description of Valérie Montalbetti)
Height: 50 inches (53.5cm with stand)

Period : 1906
Height : 50 cm (53.5 cm avec le socle)

Category : Sculptures

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