Galerie Tristan Bertin
Galerie Tristan Bertin

Netsuke - Shishi Climbing A Rock - Ivory - Japan - 18th Century

Humorous ivory netsuke depicting a shishi trying to climb a rock.

Originating in China, the shishi is a mythological animal that is very popular throughout the Asian cultural area, where it is used to protect homes from evil spirits.
This fanciful representation of a lion is the result of an artistic interpretation dictated solely by stories told by travellers, as this great beast has never been present in either China or Japan.
We therefore always find two of the animal's most characteristic attributes, namely its gaping mouth and its abundant mane, which is always depicted in curls. The rest of its anatomy is more reminiscent of an Asian dog.

Japan, 18th century
Very good condition, beautiful himotoshi
Note the finesse of the carving, particularly on the animal's mouth and tail.

Height: 1.8 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Depth: 2.5 cm
Weight: 19 g

Delivery will be made the day after payment is received.

Width : 5,5 cm
Height : 1,8 cm
Depth : 2,5 cm

Category : Oriental objects
Period : 18th century

Price : 800
Shipping : 9 € for France, request a quote for other country


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