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Rare and important chandelier from the Art Deco period in cameo-engraved paste-de-verre with vegetable mount in wrought iron, all the glassware is signed with the stamp "Muller Frères Lunéville" and has a magnificent naturalistic decor with the presumed motif of leafy parrot tulips in nuanced purple tones in high relief acid-etched and delicately wheeled for a perfect finish, on an orange marbled background finished with satin-gloss fire polishing. Very good general and electrical condition. Dimensions: 1 m 05 high X 50 cm wide / Basin 36 cm in diameter X 18 cm thick / tulip 14 cm high X 9 cm in diameter. BIOGRAPHY: while several works suggest that the Muller brothers, originally from Kalhausen (Moselle), settled in Lunéville in 18701, recent research has established that the older brothers of this family left the Moselle for Nancy for a purpose well accurate: they were recruited in 1894 by Emile Gallé. Indeed, the master glassmaker from Nancy changed his manufacturing strategy and broke his commercial ties with the Meisenthal glassworks in 1894. That same year, Emile Gallé had his own glass furnaces built in Nancy and recruited workers: the eldest brothers of the family Muller, Emile, Henri and Désiré were then hired by Émile Gallé as clerks or engraver-decorators on glass. The elder brothers of the Muller family were trained in glass work at the Saint Louis crystal factory and at the Meisenthal glass factory alongside Désiré Christian. But, in 1897, Henri Muller left Émile Gallé, perhaps taking with him manufacturing secrets. He undertakes an association with the glassworks of Croismare. Its production is in direct competition with those of Emile Gallé and the Daum factory. At the time, the glasses were blown in Croismare, in the glassworks known as the Hinzelin goblet factory. A second glass factory was established in Lunéville itself in 1910. Both factories specialized in art glass. Many pieces came out of it, of good technical quality and very similar to those produced in the Gallé factory in Nancy: vases, lamps and typically Art Nouveau trinkets. Production is most often multi-layered glass, wheel-cut or acid-etched with naturalistic depictions. From 1905 to 1908, Désiré and Eugène Muller were recruited by Léon Ledru, director of the decoration workshop of the crystal works of Val-Saint-Lambert in Seraing in Belgium. Their work consists in creating a series of decorative glassware in the Art Nouveau and Ecole de Nancy style.

Category : Lighting
Style : Art Déco
Period : 20th century

Price : 4800

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