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Napoleon Thomas Color Engraving Romantic Period Circa 1830 Watercolor Hand Framed

Artist : Napolėon Thomas
Period:19th century
Style:Louis Philippe, Charles 10th
Condition : bon état d usage diverses traces et marques cf photos
The separation of Estelle and Nemorin
Estelle et Nemorin pastoral melodrama in two acts in prose taken from the novel by mr le chevalier de Florian first performed in Paris in 1733.
Romanticism is characterized by the dominance of sensitivity, emotion and imagination over reason and morality. Artists paint by asserting their ideas and passionately revealing their personal impressions and feelings through their works.

Napoléon Thomas (1804-1879) was a French painter, illustrator and lithographer, active from the early 1830s to the 1870s.
From 1829-1830, Napoleon Thomas belonged to the "comradeship of Petit-Cénacle or Bousingo", which brought together Pétrus Borel, Jehan Du Seigneur, Théophile Gautier, Gérard de Nerval, Philothée O'Neddy, Auguste Maquet (Mac-Keat), Joseph Bouchardy, Alphonse Brot, Celestin Nanteuil. These young people in their twenties took an active part in the revolution of July 18301. Other comrades also met there, such as Léon Clopet, Giulio Piccinni, Jules Vabre and Paul Lacroix2.
In 1832, the sculptor Jehan Du Seigneur produced a medallion representing Thomas3. In 1833, Borel dedicated to him ("to you, Napoleon Thom, the painter, air, frankness, handful of soldierly heart...") the second edition of his collection of poetry Rhapsodies, illustrated by Thomas with two lithographs (at Bousquet, successor to Levavasseur); the latter had also produced two vignettes for the 18324 edition.
Napoleon Thomas appears at the Paris Salon of 1833, presenting two painted portraits including that of Pétrus Borel; his Parisian address is mentioned as being at 63 de larue d'Enfer5. Subsequently, he was still present at the Salon in 1836, presenting subjects relating to the illustrated edition of the novel Lesbad Garçons by Alphonse Royer, and in 1837, exhibiting the painted portrait of a woman in full length6. From January 1836, he is mentioned as a draftsman contributor to the newspaper Le Monde Dramatique7.
On January 4, 1837, birth of his son Frédéric-Napoléon, by Marie-Thérèse Meyer8.
We find him alongside the scholar Paul Lacroix, for his study Les romans historique (1837)

Length : 37 cms
Height : 31 cms

Category : Pens & writting
Style : Louis-Philippe
Period : 19th century

Price : 50
Shipping : 20 € for France, request a quote for other country


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