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Frėres Harman Jewelry Box Cigar Box Anglettere 50's Silver Plated Interior Cedre

Artist : Harman Frėres
Period:20th Century
Style:Design 50's and 60's
Condition : Bon ėtat

Material : Plaquė argent interieur bois de cedre
Length: 17 cms
Height : 3,5 cms
Depth : 9 cms
"Frėres Harman Jewelry Box Cigar Box Anglettere 50's Silver Plated Interior Cedre"
Aristocrat Silver Plated Cigarette / Cigar Boxes by the Harman Brothers. The cedar wood interior has been stained to make it darker, so it is best to use it as a jewelry or trinket box. The interior has an adjustable divider to provide space for different lengths of cigarettes or it can be pulled out completely to make room for cigars to lay lengthwise. The top and bottom of the cedar wood liner created a mini "humidor" to help keep the tobacco fresh. A metal plate installed in the base to provide additional weight and stability when using on the table. The more expensive versions had lids lined with wood (better for tobacco), the Aristocrat boxes of the Harman brothers, the diamond with “Made for England” helps to fix the date between around 1920 and the end of the 1960s. United, it became a legal obligation to add "Made in England" to products after 1921, especially if they were intended for export. HARMAN BROTHERS The trademark "Aristocrat" is registered with Harman Brothers Ltd (formerly Great King Street, Birmingham), United Kingdom. They are listed as making many small "silver or silver-covered articles" including boxes of cigars and cigarettes. Founded circa 1918. Vintage Aristocrat and HB lozenge stamped cigarette box predates the mid-1960s. The use of cigars in the UK only really became fashionable in the early 19th century and cigar boxes from this period are rare. The use of tobacco in the form of cigarettes became increasingly popular during and after the Crimean War in the 1850s. The vast majority of boxes of cigars and cigarettes seen today are less than 120 years old. If you have one that's older, this is a real find - hang in there! Smoking became extremely popular and even, yes, "chic" after World War I, although there were already health warnings regarding the effects of smoking - extensive manufacturer advertising played a role in the romance cigarettes, aided by the emerging film industry and Hollywood glamor. At that time, many personal use cigarette cases were made, as a style statement they were often ornate and heavily decorated and silver was one of the most common materials they used. And the better-off had boxes of cigarettes at home to display on a low or side table; they also made popular birthday or presentation gifts. A cigarette box or case kept the fragile tobacco tubes from being crushed and partly helped keep them "fresh." By the early 1960s, the anti-smoking lobby was already in full swing and this undoubtedly contributed to the decline in popularity of these boxes. In the United States, the Surgeon General's advisory committee on smoking and health had been formed, it concluded that "smoking is causally linked to lung cancer in men." Many of these boxes seen today are in poor condition because they “were considered utility silver coins designed for everyday use.” This is in excellent condition.

Length : 17 cms
Height : 3.5 cms
Depth : 9 cms

Category : Silverware
Style : Art Déco
Period : 20th century

Price : 100
Shipping : 20 € for France, request a quote for other country


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