Violon D'ingres
Violon D'ingres

FANART Antonin French Painting XIXth Century Riverside Oil On Cardboard Signed

FANART Antonin ( 1831 / 1903 )
Oil on cardboard signed lower left.
14,5 x 21,6 in
Certificate of authenticity.
Antonin FANART, born January 17, 1831 in Besançon (Doubs) and died in the same city on September 2, 1903, is a French painter.Born in a family of the petty bourgeoisie, Antonin Fanart left for Switzerland in 1849 to study art and painting in Geneva. As a landscape painter, he traveled extensively in Switzerland, Savoy and Franche-Comté, regions from which he drew the subjects of several of his works. His first exhibition took place in 1854 in Geneva, before exhibiting at the Salon de Paris in 1857. Soon after, he created a newspaper entitled Le Doubs, firmly opposing the Second Empire. He became sub-prefect of Montbéliard at the fall of the Empire (1871). Antonin Fanart went to live in Besançon, city where he was a municipal councilor, after his marriage in 1866. He founded the palace museum Granvelle as well as the "Union Comtoise des arts décoratifs" before dying of a heart disease on 2 September 1903, in the city where he was born.A street in Besançon bears its name, in the district of Montrapon-Fontaine-Écu.Public Collections:Dole Museum of Fine ArtsMuseum of Fine Arts and Archeology of Besançon.

Width : 55 cm
Height : 36,5 cm

Category : Paintings
Style : Napoléon III
Period : 19th century

Price : 3500

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