La Crédence Antiquités
La Crédence Antiquités

Oil on canvas 17th century, Angelo Maria Rossi

Oil on canvas 17th century
Still life with peaches, figs, grapes and pears
Painting attributed to Angelo Maria Rossi, known by the name of Pseudo Fardella
Very good condition of the canvas as well as the pictorial layer,
no cleaning to be expected
Wooden frame recent, in very good condition
The authentication and attribution to Angelo Maria Rossi is due to the appearance on the market of a pair of paintings,
one of which is signed and authenticated "AMR" and in which we find models as well as an iconography
of great similarity to this still life. We find this in an essential work by
G. Girillo, G. Godi: "le nature morte del pittore di Carlo Torre pseudo Fardella nella Lombaria del secondo '600" 1996, Godi G., Cirillo G.
The composition, the work of the Caravaggio-inspired light and iconography
correspond to the artist Lombard.
The origin of the provenance of the canvas also corresponds to a Lombard provenance.
Frame: 86 x 71.5 cm
Canvas: 71.4 x 57.4 cm
All deliveries, careful shipping with insurance

Width : 86 cm
Height : 71,5 cm

Category : Oeuvres d'art
Period : 17th century

Price : 4300
Shipping : 45 € for France, request a quote for other country

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