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Magnificent Large Vase Camille Tharaud Porcelain Au Grand Feu Bouquet Of Flowers Early XX Eme

Magnificent Large Vase Camille Tharaud Porcelain Au Grand Feu Bouquet Of Flowers Art Deco Period, rare Japanese-style Chinese ovoid shape with a superb decor and varied colors of blue colors in various shades, flowers with pistils of green colors.
one of the most successful and less common tharaud models.

Camille Tharaud studied at the Gay-Lussac high school in Limoges and at the upper school in Bellac1. Her favorite subject is chemistry3. During his studies he met Francis Chigot who influenced his choice for porcelain1. Mobilized during the First World War, at the age of 36, he was seriously injured in the head. Evacuated to Paris, he obtained convalescence leave which he spent in Limoges. It was at this time that he had the opportunity to work with porcelain1. His first experiments took place in the former Louis Tharaud factory, a namesake with which he was not related1. After several months of rental, he acquired, on January 29, 19201, this factory founded in 1854 but abandoned for 35 years, located rue du Calvaire and boulevard des Petits-Carmes in Limoges1. From then on, he began renovating and changed the old-fashioned, direct-flame oven for a reverse-flame oven1. His first research directed towards colored pastes, started in 1915 during his convalescence4, would lead him to lead to decoration by colored enamels. Instead of coloring a thin layer of paste or painting on an already hardened enamel, Camille Tharaud succeeded in coloring the enamel in its thickness. From 1920 to 1923, he went through a period of hard testing and the company struggled to resist. The color palette is still reduced, the first pieces are small, the sets timidly composed ... His experiences almost led to disaster, at the beginning of 1924 he was close to bankruptcy1. With the help of the banks he continued his activity and, finally, he was successful.

Main Exhibitions
1925 - International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts
1927 - Exhibition of decorative artists
1928 - Paris: Salon of decorative artists and Salon d'automne
1929 - Paris: Salon of decorative artists and Salon d'automne
1930 - Paris: Salon of decorative artists; Autumn Fair, Aeronautics and Art Exhibition (Pavillon de Marsan)
1931 - Musée de Sèvres, Exhibition of works by modern ceramists 1890-1930, 16 exhibits; Exhibition of decorative artists; International colonial exhibition
1932 - Paris: Salon of decorative artists; art exhibition, Maison de France
1933 - Paris: Salon of decorative artists
1937 - Universal Exhibition of 1937
1939 - New York: Exhibition of the Limoges porcelain group

Works in public collections
Chateau Borely
Sylvia vase, National Adrien Dubouché Museum
Glaïeul vase, Musée National Adrien Dubouché
Vase 1928, Musée National Adrien Dubouché
Vase, National Adrien Dubouché Museum

Height : 15
Diameter : 21

Category : Ceramics
Style : Art Déco
Period : 20th century

Price : 380


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