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Large Poster Art Nouveau Period Charity Party Of Students Toulouse 1909 Paul Dupuy Museum

Georges GROS / Imprimerie MOULLOT
Student charity party in Toulouse 1909
Paul Dupuy Museum
Color lithograph (156 x 113 cms), 1909
The “student charity parties” organized by the General Association of Toulouse Students (AGET) from 1886 are a legacy of integration rituals from the Middle Ages, as well as the channeling of student energy for philanthropic purposes: every year during carnival, the association organizes a large masked ball whose profits go to social work. From 1896, the ball was announced by a poster from a competition in which local artists participated - Marius Jognarelli (1896), Jean André Rixens (1902) Jules Lartigue (1908), Georges Gros (1914)… This tradition disappears at the time of the First World War.

Width : 113
Height : 156

Category : Old documents
Style : Art Nouveau
Period : 20th century

Price : 800


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