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Rare Cane Old Drum Major Circa XVIII Eme / XIX Eme Militaire Fanfare 18 Eme / 19 Eme

Rare old cane, beautiful presence, beautiful patina, in its own juice.
The drum major is the non-commissioned officer responsible for conducting military musical training during parades.
In France, drum major is a function, not a grade. It is generally a warrant officer or a chief warrant officer who carries the attributes of his rank and his weapon. To mark his function, he carries a cane which he uses to command the battery.
It is also, in civil society, the title carried by the guide of bands, that is to say, processions, carnivals of Dunkirk and its region. He is dressed in drum major of the First Empire and sometimes accompanied by a canteen also in uniform of that time. In Dunkirk during the carnival, the music of the Fisherman's Band is led by a Drum Major. This character is essential, since it is he who leads the Band, marks the breaks and rowdies. The first drum major of which we know led the music in 1850; he was wearing a shako rented from a thrift store and was called Pint'je Bier, in reference to the local drink. This tradition was then continued by his successors. The most famous drum major of the Dunkirk carnival was Jean Minne dit Cô-Pinard II1. In his memory was written the Hymn to Cô-Pinard, which is sung at the end of the carnivals of Dunkirk and its region, just before the Cantata to Jean Bart.
In Aniche since 1911, a municipal celebration in honor of Kopierre, the drum major and blacksmith's aide, pays tribute to Alexandre-Joseph Consil who was the drum major of the Saint-Cyr school during the parade on July 14 in Paris in 1879.

Height : 116
Diameter : 10

Category : Decorative objects
Style : Louis XVI
Period : 18th century

Price : 200


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