Painting Signed Emile Courtin (1925-1997)

Marine signed Emile Courtin (1925-1997). This artist finds his subjects in nature, the colors are bold gradually from dark tonts, blue and green, the first period lighter yellow and red. The beauty Emile Courtin has found in nature that surrounded him and transposed on the canvas. Light, emanates the vivid and bright colors used by the painter. Two quests seem to have guided Emile Courtin throughout his artistic life, fifties to his death: the mastery of form and color harmony. Without becoming abstract, his painting is stripped of all the details that seemed useless. His palette is illuminated from tonts dark, blue and green, used in the first period to tonts bright red and yellow dominant thereafter. Perfect condition, part non-original problablement. Frame dimensions: size of the painting: Transport possible, available in France, on quotations for other destinations. Contact me at 0678876161

Width : 52
Height : 99

Category : Paintings
Period : 20th century

Price : 6800
Shipping : 120 € for France, request a quote for other country

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