Anne Besnard
Anne Besnard


Carving set comprising two forks and two knives by "Joseph Rodgers and sons cutlers to her Majisty", "6 Norfolk street à Sheffield". Ivory and silver handles with steel blades. Inscribed "O" for the year 1881 on the smaller service and "N" for the year 1880 for the larger service.
Coffret d'origine en cuir de couleur bordeaux.
Légère fente sur l'ivoire des manches.
Large knife and fork: 42,3 cm and 30,7 cm.
Small knife and fork: 31,8 cm and 27 cm.
Box: 47 cm x 15,5 cm.

Length : 47 cm
Width : 15,5 cm

Category : Tableware
Period : 19th century

Price : 480

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