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Polished Binoculars 10 X 80 German Flak by Doppel Fernrohe ww2

Polished Binoculars 10 X 80 – German Flak ww2 D.F. (Doppel Fernrohe) 10 x 80 observation binoculars with four built-in filters.
Optical quality is excellent: perfectly clear presentation, sharp contrast, crystal clear image.
Stylishly built-up with a half gimballed brace system of polished aluminum on a matching oak wood stand.
The inside of the binoculars has been cleaned professionally, the outside smoothly polished. General information built-in filters:
Blue and green coloured filters can provide eye protection against laser and radiation.
Neutral shades of grey can be used in good and clear weather conditions.
Light orange or yellow can heighten the contrast when there is not much light or in foggy conditions.

Registration nr O dkl X - 36931
Enlargement factor x 10
Diameter front lenses 80 millimetres
Eyepiece viewing angle 45 º
Image angle 70 º
Sight field 7 º
Type of prism: Schmidt roof prism
Four built-in filters
Body of polished aluminum & steel
Individually adjustable for each eye
Adjusting siphon for distance between the eyes
Weight including stand 15 kg
Length binoculars 40 cm

Category : Scientific instruments

Price : 4500

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