La Timonerie Antiquités de Marine
La Timonerie Antiquités de Marine

Lunarium Globe "TELLUX" by Paravia & Cie. Italy around 1930

The Lunarium globe refers to "Tellux", designed by C. Boehmer and manufactured by the Italian Globe manufacturer and educational editions G.B. Paravia & Cie in Rome.

The papier mâché ball is covered with 12 colored globe segments. Horizon ring with hour division, half meridian with division of 2 x 90 degrees and monthly division and a movable full circle for division of day and night and with support for the wooden moon ball.

Dark brown turned wooden base with fully integrated compass, ball diameter of about 34 cm, diameter of the moon ball about 38 mm, total height about 67 cm, good condition, slight bruise in the east from North America.

It is an object very rarely found, whose execution as so-called Lunarium demonstrates in the easiest way the interaction of the moon and the rotation of the earth. These types of models were mainly used for educational purposes in astronomy lessons.
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