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Until the 17th C seating was limited to benches and stools except for  the very rich.  The baroque armchair and chair appeared under the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV , it has a solid rectangular seat with twist turned arms, legs, stretchers and back spindles and a broad seat and back.  It was often covered in Gobelin tapestry during the reign of Louis XIV.  The Louis XV armchair and chair was influenced by the Rococo style  with gentle curves, cabriole legs and the use of cane.   The bergere armchair also also appeared under Louis XV with its upholstered back and armrests, with only the wooden frame exposed, and a comfortable cushion seat.
The Louis XVI armchair and chair is of neo-classical style with straight legs and oval or lyre back.
The 19th C saw the arrival of the crapaud armchair under Louis Philippe and the Thonet chair, or bistro chair, in bended wood from 1859.

This category covers all sorts of seats,  from the  fauteuil art déco to the antique stool, passing by the chaise Louis XVI

Les principaux types de sièges anciens sont :

 fauteuil ancien -  bergère -  méridienne

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