Antique jewelery

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Jewellery has always existed,  metals and gemstones  being used to make both functional items such as buckles, clasps or hair slides or purely decorative items.  Jewellery  is   a mark of social status and  richness or personal status such as wedding or engagement rings.  Religious appartenance is also shown through the wearing of medals or crucifix in gold and silver.

Napoleon Bonaparte revived the wearing of jewellery in France with the arrival of matching suites of jewellery known as parrures and the very popular cameo brooch.  
The early 20th C saw the developpement of costume jewellery using cheaper materials and made by "bijoutiers" rather than "joaillers".
Antique and vintage jewellery is now very sought after be it antique engagement and wedding rings, vintage watches or all sorts of necklaces and bracelets.


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