Antique Chests

Find an antique chest

The chest is one of the first pieces of  furniture and  was an essential item in Medieval times and up to the early Renaissance period.  Food, clothes or arms were stored in the chest but it could also serve as a table or as seating.  In the 15th and 16th C marriage chests contained the dowry items brought by the new wife.  In the late 16th C the chest  was replaced by the cabinet, chest of drawers and buffet as  furniture but still used for travelling.
The Nuremberg chest used in the 17th and 18th C is made from painted metal and has a complicated locking system with an imitation lock on the front.  Through the 19th C the chest continued to be used in  rural communities for storing flour, salt, blankets, etc.  The camphor chest was particularly used for storing clothes due to the fact that camphor wood repels insects.

Today antique chests are used not only for storage but a coffee tables in the living room.

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