French faience, porcelaine and pottery

Find an antique french fceramic (porcelaine, faience, pottery)

Ceramics is a 19th C expression for faience, porcelaine and all pottery in general.  In the 17th C the French East Indian Company brought Chinese porcelain to France inspiring manufacture in Nevers, Rouen and St Cloud.  In the 18th C France discovered the hard-paste technique of the Chinese and established the Sevres  , the Chantilly and the Limoges manufactories.  These factories slowly abandonned the imitation of Chinese and Japanese designs and devopped their own designs.   19th C porcelaine followed the different styles of the century for both functional and purely decorative items.  The Art Nouveau and Art Deco vases of the early 20th C, and  the  work  by artists in Valauris are highly appreciated.

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