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The armchair is a seat with both a back and armrests, it first appeared in the late 16th C. and became popular in the 17th C with the "os de mouton"  Louis XIII style armchair. Many different shapes of armchairs were made under Louis XV such as the bergere, the duchesse and the cabriolet. The Louis XV style armchair was curved and ornate with the leaf and floral decoration of the Rococo style.Under Louis XVI the armchair was more sober and on fluted legs.  The 19th C armchair, after the Roman style Empire period,  is an  elegant interpretation of earlier styles with few decorations. The 19th C also saw the comfortable Louis Philippe style crapaud armchair. The early 20th C is known for the Art Deco style armchair and the club chair.  Vintage armchairs of the late 20th C are still plentiful on the market.

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Fauteuil bergère - Fauteuil cabriolet - Fauteuil club - Fauteuil crapaud - Fauteuil dagobert - Fauteuil voltaire

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